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Antirodent and Antitermite


Masterbatches currently required for the control of termites and rodents in the Wire & Cable industry have to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Conventional methods using various types of pesticides or lead naphthanate present high risks in our ecological systems and do not prevent attacks from recurring. It is therefore strongly discourage from using it. Products such as aldrin / dieldrin anti-thermite, heptachlor, naphthenic copper, bifenthrin (or others classified as organochlorines) are not acceptable and are widely banned in most developed countries. For this reason at SIDELCO TRADING we have selected products manufactured with the most advanced technology in the production process, taking into account the protection of the environment against any possible threat to wildlife and its surroundings.

For this purpose we have a product to keep out rodents Maxirodent AR 3303TM, another designed to repel termite Matermitan AT 3300TM and a final product for those applications where there is a risk of pests of both animals Maxicombi AR3303-AT3300TM.

Maxirodent AR 3303TM


Maxirodent AR 3303TM emits a bitter odour that repels rodents instead of killing them. Since the bright colours of the cables attract the attention of rodents, an alternative method must be used to dissuade them, such as adding our anti-rodent additive.

It is a halogen-free mixture of EVA base, non-toxic and without dangerous products. The product is endowed with the most advanced technology in production, taking into account the protection of the environment against any possible threat to wildlife and its environment.

Matermitan AT 3300TM


Matermitan AT 3300TM repels termites instead of killing them. As the moisture conditions around the cables provide termites with an ideal place to build nests and raise, an alternative method has to be used to discourage their colonies from staying.

It is a non-toxic product and free of lead and heavy metals whose active components make it safe to handle it during the preparation and installation by personnel having its correct dosage.

Maxicombi AR3303-AT3300TM


Maxicombi AR3303-AT3300TM is an anti-termite specially mixed with rodent repellent that provides maximum protection when the most severe requirements are required. It allows the flexibility and the lowest possible load to ensure maximizing performance in particular with crosslinking by the Sioplas method of flame retardant XLPE compounds, crosslinked HFFR, crosslinked EPDM / EPR where integrity and process can’t be compromised.