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Flat and concave printing wheels by contact


We offer a wide variety of printing wheels for cable insulation. The printing wheels will help you to identify what you need with superior print quality.

We have printing wheels with ink, flat and concave, as well as flat and concave wheels for both the indent marking and for embossingmarking of cables.

The printing wheels provide repetitive codes and can’t be changed. The product that is being marked must be extruded continuously.

Flat and concave indent and embossingprinting wheels


Incident: it is known as indentprinting when the letters are printed inside the insulation of the cable.

Embossing: it is knownas embossing printing when the letters are printed so that they rise above the insulation of the cable.


We have embossing and indent wheels flat and concave of various diameters and thicknesses at the request of the consumer.

Inks and thinners


We have a wide variety of thinners for all purposes and water based formulation inks for a multitude of insulations and applications. Used for continuous marking in tubes and hoses production applications.

We also offer a wide range of nylon wipers of all shapes and sizes.