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Cogegum® Series HFFR ( Halogen Free Flame Retardant )


The Cogegum® series that we trade up is a halogen-free material that contains flame retardant (HFFR) and is available in two formats: thermoplastic and cross-lined (thermostable).


A wide range of end uses standardized by specific national and international standards (IEC, UL).


LV power cables.
MV power cables (jacketing).
Data cables.
Signal/control cables.
PV cables.
Railway cables.
Shipboard cables.
Oil industry cables.
Chemical industry cables.
Public building cables.
Potable water contact cables.

Cogegum® GFR ( HFFR )


It is a cross-linked silane compound (XLPO-HFFR) for insulation and LV cable sheathing.

It consists of crosslinkable mixtures with silanes that contain a fire retardant system that contributes to give the cable self-extinguishing properties, without the presence of halogic acids, or emission of corrosive toxic gases and with a particularly reduced generation of smoke.

The crosslinking process is achieved by the addition of a catalyst and its exposure to moisture (Sioplas Method).

Cogegum® GFR/360, GFR/365 and GFR/380 for outer sheathing


Excellent oil and fuel resistance.

Flame retardant, low toxicity.

Fair resistance to chemicals.

Good flexibility.